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Courses designed for additional skill acquisition by students are conceived for the following sectors:

  1. Hospitality
    The courses are moduled to equip the students to take up specialized jobs in the different segments of Travel and Tourism Industry.
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  3. Organised Retail
    The organized retail sector in the Indian Retail Market is growing at the rate of 35 percent. Jobs requiring special skills in this sector are expected to grow from 0.3 million at present to 17.6 million by 2022.
  4. Health Care
    Health care sector has many lucrative components like Medical Tourism, Health Insurance, Telemedicine, Health care Infrastructure, Pharmaceuticals etc which can employ a substantial number of persons who have acquired special skills.
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  6. IT and ITES
    The IT boom has led to rapid expansion of employment opportunities. More than 4 lakh persons are added to the IT workforce in India every year. Specialisation in skill will enable young persons to avail jobs in BPO/KPO firms and a host of higher job opportunities.
  7. Event Management
    Event Management sector has been growing with the rising demand in the Hospitality Industry. Corporate Public Relations Companies have entered the field. There will be a rising demand for skills jobs.
  8. Business Services
    It covers a wide area of services from Logistics to Transport industries. Millions of skilled persons will be required.
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    The different segments in this industry such as print, film, television, animation, videogames, internet advertising have a rising demand for jobs which will be endless.
  10. Banking and Finance
    Indian banking industry is growing phenomenally. Financial services like Mutual Funds are also growing. IT is estimated that 4.2 millions will be the incremental human resource requirement till 2022.
  11. Construction
    This is the second largest economic activity after agriculture.
  12. Agriculture
    Agriculture and allied sectors have evolved several specialized areas offering millions of job opportunities for those with special skills.
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